Walking After 10 Years


Marjorie lives in a senior center in Bartlett, Illinois. Due to various health issues, she has been bound to a wheel chair for 10 years. After being on iZone Energy for 4 months, see what she has to say. *


Just a Few Amazing Healing Cases For Lifetron Healing

Atrial Fibrillation Healed

I have had Atrial Fibrillation since 2008. Slowly it got so bad that every month I was rushed to the Emergency Room to shock my heart to restart it. After being on Lifetron Energy for one month, I am happy to report that I have not had a single incident for the last 6 months. NONE!!! It has relieved me a lot physically and emotionally. It still amazes me how iZone Energy works. How precise, powerful and intelligent it is. *

- Arlene, Texas

Extreme PMS Symptoms Gone

“I am 42 years old and I have suffered from PMS for the past 10 years. I used to have extreme insomnia, mood swings, hot flashes, panic attacks caused by high anxiety and severe pain all over my body. I had very low energy in the mornings, massive depression and major adrenal fatigue. I was having periods every 10 days with spotting in between.

A friend of mine recommended me to Michael. After trying all kinds of medicines with no success, I decided to try Michael’s Lifetron Healing treatment.

  • Within 2 days of starting treatment, my spotting stopped.
  • 5 days later the insomnia, hot flashes, mood swings, panic attacks and high anxiety came down significantly. The massive depression and low energy in the mornings went down.
  • Within 10 days the extreme dry mouth and adrenal fatigue healed.

I am now sleeping much better and I am able to focus on my work and feel motivated and look forward to each day. Within few weeks Michael has turned my life around. The improvement in my quality of life cannot be explained in words. *

– Veronica

Unusual Healing for Horse

“Andy is a 11 year old Thoroughbred horse who was in a bad jumping wreck a couple of years ago. He had issues in his throat and neck and ulcers in his stomach which it difficult for him to eat or drink. He had a tendency to choke. Also Andy’s backbone used to protrude.

● Within a day he was eating well, energetic and pretty perky !!!
● 3 days into the treatment his throat actually moved when he was drinking water. He actually drinking in gulps whereas earlier he was taking in a teaspoon at a time.
● 10 days into the treatment his coat was much better. Neck knots less prominent. Spine less bumpy.
● 20 days after the treatment , the spine is fairly straight. Overall his health based on appearance has improved with the treatment. He currently has gained 40 pounds and continues to get rounder !!!” *

- Lisa, Texas

Free From Severe Anxiety

"I am 36 years old and have suffered from severe anxiety for most my adult life. My anxiety was extremely high. I have tried different things but to no avail. I heard of Michael’s Lifetron Energy program and decided to try it.

In just one month I am very happy to report that my anxiety has gone down to Zero !! I am able to handle stress better even as I look for another job as a teacher I am not anxious but researching the possibilities. Looking at opportunities for a new start. Also, some of the other physical health issues have gotten better too. This has significantly improved the quality of my life. Thank you Michael. *

- Dina

Pet, Remarkable Infection Healing

“After six months of severe infections and several antibiotic courses, Suvay is completely healed within seven weeks of being on the Lifetron Energy. Suvay had a very bad infection on her muzzle followed by another infection which covered a large area on her left flank. Despite several courses of antibiotics and other medications over the course of about six months the infection kept getting worse. After putting Suvay on Lifetron Energy, within twelve hours her infection started to go down and within seven weeks it is completely gone. Suvay is now more playful and more likely to cuddle with me. I know in my heart that she is happier and healthier!” *

- Ruth, Illinois

Relief From Excruciating Pain

“My 98 year old mother had such severe and painful arthritis that she would fall unconscious because of the pain every hour despite taking prescription pain killers and other medications. I requested Michael to do a treatment to relieve her from such severe pain. Within a of couple days the intensity of the pain had reduced so much that she was not screaming in pain and falling unconscious. Within a week the pain was reduced to where she was sleeping well again. She has been struggling with this for over 15 years. Thank you. It is a miracle indeed!!” *

- Ganga, India


Knee Replacement Not Needed

“Knee specialist told me that the only way to relieve the pain in my knees was to have complete knee replacements. I didn’t want to go through that so tried Lifetron instead. I’m so happy to say that after three month one day I woke up and the pain was gone. I am so grateful I found Lifetron and would recommend it to anyone experiencing chronic pain or arthritis.” *



Migraine Headaches Gone

I was on the program for four months last year. I has bad headaches for 4 to 5 years, I was in constant pain sometimes for days. I would be ok for a day or two and then not. That cycle would go on and on. I had some pain in my back, it was misaligned and I had numbness in my toes and hands. Generally I didn't feel good. I kept gaining weight. I started to feel slightly better immediately after signing up. During those four months I had a lot of emotional releases, it was a difficult period to go through. Then on day I woke up and I was fine. No more headaches after that. My fingers were fine. That was just wonderful. I still can't believe it, by I'm fine. So thank you if was wonderful experience it was just wonderful." *


Lost 80 Pounds in 6 Months

“I have a friend who I gifted Lifetron Energy program to help with weight loss. She was extremely overweight and had gone through all kinds of diet and physical exercise programs to no avail. She had diabetes and high blood pressure.

She has lost 80 pounds. Her health is much better. There was a lot of emotional release that has happened during this time. The guilt she was holding on to for not being a good mother to her daughters. She was able to forgive herself and ask for forgiveness from her children. Weight gone and relationship healed. She is so much happier and lighter. She has also found her passion for helping other seniors who live in the same senior center as she does. She enjoys helping them and taking on a leadership role at the center. Her life has totally turned around.” *

- Dinah


Lifetron Energy Levels

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