Lifetron Energy


Lifetron Energy, found in nature, has the capability to repair our body and mind with greater ease. This pure natural energy can be channeled from the Himalayas directly to our body using the amazing Lifetron Technology.

This Universal Energy brings mental and emotional wellness which results in wellness at all levels of our being.

Personal Session


Michael has a gift of supernatural healing capability. He is an amazing spiritual healer. One personal session with Michael can move you forward what might take you 40 years of self effort. Deep and profound healing can happen in a single session. Many people see physical healing happen within few weeks of a session with Michael.

“I have worked with many coaches and healers and I have to say Michael is a rare gem. Within just one session he got to the bottom of an issue I have had for over 30 years. I had worked on this issue with many people, but with no success. After a session with him I had a total breakthrough and this breakthrough will help me greatly improve all areas of my life. I am feeling so much lighter and happier since he lifted this heavy weight from me. I highly recommend him.” – Melissa

Price: Personal Session is for $450. We give highly discounted price of $150 to clients who are also subscribed to Lifetron Energy.



Mind is a powerful tool. Just like any other tool, we need to understand how the mind works. Once we are clear, we are then equipped to use this powerful tool to create whatever we wish to create in our life.

I have created very simple and short videos that explain how the mind works. This knowledge and wisdom give you complete control over your destiny.  There are simple step by step techniques that I have created to give you the control over the direction of your life. These techniques are very simple to understand and implement. Once you learn these techniques, you will never feel lost or at the mercy of life and fate.

Price: $997 for a 12 Video Class. One Video is sent every week. You also get membership to a private facebook group to discuss the class material with other participants.