About Me

My clients tell me that I am an extraordinary spiritual healer and an amazing scientist. The results working with thousands of clients from 73 countries testify for my extraordinary skills. Many of my clients are highly trained doctors, psychotherapists and alternative healers. More …


Michael’s Rapid Clearing Healing

I have developed supernatural healing skills with many years of intense spiritual practices. Using my spiritual healing powers, I am able to bring about rapid healing for any living entity. I am so confident of my skill that I charge for the results not just promises. More …

Lifetron Therapy

Lifetrons are sparks of intelligent energy that constitute life. If the amount of lifetrons get depleted the body and mind starts to become unhealthy.

Using my engineering skills and understanding of how the Universe works, I have developed a technology that harnesses and remotely transitts lifetron to you, which results in your body and mind to heal over some period of time. More …

Personal Session

I have extensive training and experience in psychology. Combined with my spiritual skills, one personal session with me, which is done over the phone, can take you forward what might otherwise take you decades of self effort. I am able to help you uncover deep rooted subconscious patterns that may be keeping you stuck. More …


I have spent over 50,000 hours reading, learning, meditating, and analyzing the human mind. With all this wisdom, I am able to help you in many different ways. I do a live webinar / workshop where I share this wisdom with you.
I have been on 5 medications for blood pressure control since I was admitted to the hospital due to severe kidney issues caused by high blood pressure. Lifetron Therapy has really improved my health. Within a few months I am down to 1 blood pressure medication and my kidney function has significantly improved. What a miracle!!!. I recommend this effortless therapy to anyone. * - S.N.

* Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person. This is NOT a replacement for professional medical care. Please consult your healtcare professional for all  your healthcare needs. Please read the full disclaimer HERE.